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Thread: Big boom! (?)

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    Question Big boom! (?)

    TV news announced last night that the Kane`ohe Marine Base was to create a "simulated explosion" on base as part of a training program. This was reported to be happening between 8 and 10 AM today, Friday May 6.

    So far, at 9:35 I have heard nothing big, but I may be too distant, or the intervening hills may have blocked any noticeable noise. Anybody else hear anything?

    Last night (early this morning) between about 3:55 and 4:10 AM I did hear a series of small explosions, sounded somewhat like light artillery, and the spacing was about right for a single gun reloading and firing.

    If anyone in Kane`ohe or Kailua (or elsewhere) hears anything, I'd be interested in knowing when, where, and how loud you felt it was.

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    Default Re: Big boom! (?)

    I did hear something loud about an hour ago, but didn't really pay much attention to it. So many loud large jets go in and out of the base that it kind of becomes just background noise over time. But I do recall thinking that the noise an hour ago was a little different.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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