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Thread: Making poke?

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    How do you make kim chee mussel poke?

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    I never had dat kind! So I am no good source. Maybe look in Sam Choy's poke cookbook?

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    Never had kim chee mussel poke? got to try really ono

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    Foodland sells their version. Doesn't appeal to me, but every time I order my custom Hawaiian poke somebody in line always goes ooooooooo, I want the same thing! ono!

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    Come on ! there must be somebody that knows how to make this

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    I've never made it, but here's one recipe:

    I've tried Safeway's version. It tastes like they just mix kim chee with cooked mussels... and add onions, chile, sesame oil, maybe some kim chee base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twobacas View Post
    How do you make kim chee mussel poke?
    You have to be careful with eating mussels. I had kim chee mussel poke from Times Market the other day. I think I ate some bad mussels. I felt horrible the next day. I didn't have an appetite,felt nauseous, and whoozy when I stood up. I couldn't even go on the computer as I wanted to go lie down.

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