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Thread: Bubbies Ice Cream?

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    Default Bubbies Ice Cream?

    Bubbies Ice Cream in Honolulu has been voted as the 6th best ice cream in the nation by Huffpost readers! I haven't heard of it. Any feedback on location, taste, value from the esteemed HT ohana? Matapule is a raconteur!
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    Default Re: Bubbies Ice Cream?

    Isn't this the one over by University Avenue? When the Varsity Twins was still there I always stopped by there when I could.... I dug their suggestive Rated R Ice Cream Confections

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    I've only been once, it was near UH. Exceptionally good, and very creative with flavors. I had an unforgettable lime sorbet with cracked black peppercorns, a combination that was marvelous (and I am NOT an experimental eater).

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    This the best ice cream in the state. Creative flavors, good balance of iciness and creaminess. Most of us who lived in town and saw a lot of movies at the Varsity have great memories of the place. Unique in Honolulu (I think) is the way it charges you by the ounce.
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    I'm just old school.
    I went to boobies in Hawaii Kai once.
    Turned me completely off when they weighed the cone.
    Ice cream was ok.
    I've had much better.
    Never went back, and I'm kind of glad their closing.
    Just didn't sit well with me when they weighed it.
    I can understand why they might do it, but it's not for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abunaitoo View Post
    I went to boobies in Hawaii Kai once.
    This ice cream tastes different.

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    Hoooooboy I used to love Bubbies over on University. I used to get a big three-scoop milkshake made with one scoop dark chocolate, one scoop cinnamon, and one scoop Jack Daniels. Then I would imagine the Planeteers all joining and shouting "by our flavors combined!"

    Too bad all their locations closed. I think they're still in business, but only sell to restaurants.


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