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    Hi guys! I am 3rd generation born & raised on Maui. If anyone has any questions about anything regarding Maui, maybe I can help.

    The main reason I joined HawaiiThreads was because my daughter is trying to get into UH Manoa and I wanted to hear from other UH parents. Our biggest challenge we are having right now is on campus housing, but that's a whole new thread. I graduated from UH back in the 70's so why am I having these challenges?

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    Hi shiina! I grew up on Maui but left for college in '92 and haven't managed to move back yet. How's the island these days?

    Seems like every old fogey I talk to tells me "Maui today is like Oahu was when I was a kid...and the Big Island today is like the Maui you remember as a kid." Do you think it's changed that much?

    Good luck getting your daughter's college sorted out. A couple of high school friends are now teaching there, and they say you can learn a lot.

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    Aloha Pohaku!
    Yes, Maui has grown and changed a lot, and still continues to do so. Not all bad though. You just have to accept it and try to make the best of it. It will never turn into another Oahu as long as they keep development under control. Kauai reminds me the most of Maui when I knew it as a little girl.

    As for UH, the dorms are overbooked with a wait list, even with the addition of a new highrise tower. Looks like it's back to UH Maui College for my daughter.

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    It's always about the overcrowding and the tough job of managing and planning growth, eh...both for the whole island and for dorm life.

    Hey, if your daughter has any interest in psych, my brilliant friend and skilled educator is teaching intro and developmental psych at UH Maui this Fall. (She just moved back to Maui with her family after teaching on Oahu.) Check out Dr. Azman!

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