Its been a very hot summer in most of the country. Not in San Diego, at least not yet. Its been in the low 70's, clear and sunny, really nice for several weeks. Not so nice in the Midwest and the East where record heat has baked whole regions. In Texas its been over 100 for over a month now, and combined with a drought its been especially tough on them. Rather than consider the possibility that Al Gore was right on global warming (OK, climate change) Gov. Rick the Hick Perry's Christian political rally says God Is Angry. Gee, at who? At what? Could God be punishing Texas because of gays? Because of abortion? Because of evil-ution? Its so much easier to blame it on God than learn anything about CO2 and its effect on planet weather....certainly than to ever admit that Al Gore (with his silly Lock Box for Social Security--how could we have afforded 2 wars and tax breaks for billionaires without raiding the Social Security trust fund??) could have been right about anything. Anyway, it looks like the hot spell and drought in Texas and Oklahoma and the rest of the Babble Belt is going to be used as an excuse for the next pogrom.