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Thread: Voyaging canoe crews visiting sites on the Big Island

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    From the June 18 page:

    Today, crews from a fleet of seven traditional voyaging canoes from New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti paid a visit to Pu`ukohola Heiau National Historic Site on the Big Island of Hawaii. Some of the voyaging canoes have been at sea since April traveling across the immense Pacific Ocean.
    We wish them all the best as they journey on to distant lands, taking with them the knowledge and values of the Polynesian culture. A hui ho, malama pono….Take care until we meet again!

    I had not heard about this, at all. Fascinating! I wonder when they expect to hit California. There has been nothing on the local news about it. Last time the Hoku Le'a was here as I went aboard a crew woman introduced me to the other visitors, "and here comes our gracious captain". Do you think I basked in the admiration? Anyway, its an amazing feat, I would love to visit the ship or ships if they pull into port here. Maybe they already have. Considering the number of people here who care about Hawai'i its always a little disarming how little attention the press here pays to it.
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    did you notice the date on the story? I believe that they reached the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago.
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    Here's a link to a blog about their trip.

    Sure enjoyed our time while they were here in Hawaii!
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    Thank you!

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    I was on the pier (uapo) today checking out the surf and voila, I look out to sea and there are several of the sailing boats, right there on the horizon! I am awed by the accomplishment. I called up BC, a boat woman, we went out to the point & watched the boats assembling. A friend from Honolulu has done the Transpac several times, these are people who know sailing, know the sea, and BC agreed it is an epic accomplishment. I told a family visiting from Vancouver about what was going on, they were stoked. Still not a word of coverage in the local media, its amazing. Some people on the pier were watching, they were aware of what was happening.

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