My first impression while watching the ads promoting the CBS series Person of Interest makes a hint that it seems like a cross between Lost and AMC's The Prisoner.

After watching an episode its seems that is has elements of The Saint, Burn Notice and of course Lost (a machine making a list of numbers).

I have to admit that the first episode was kind of fast paced.

The premise of the series is that the Michael Emerson character made a machine for the government that will keep track of all sorts of data for the purposes of preventing a 9/11 type of attack. This machine keeps two kinds of lists, one that contains relevant data that gets forward to the government agencies while the other is irrelevant data that is more or less gets purged every day. Before the purge the machine send one Social Security Number of a person that be involved in some kind of small scale but violent crime. Thing is no one knows if this person is the victim or the criminal.

Its up to the James Caviezel character to find out how this person fits in.