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Thread: Wild animals released in Ohio

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    Default Wild animals released in Ohio

    A couple of news outlets reported today that on Tuesday a man in Zanesville, Ohio released his collection of animals consisting of bears, tigers and monkeys from their cages and then shot himself.

    Local law enforcement in the area had to kill the released animals.
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    We can thank deregulation-happy cons and R Gov. Kasich for letting lapse his predecessor Strickland's order restricting ownership of such animals. Kasich was floundering for excuses for his irresponsibility thruout the day, maybe a bad nite's sleep will help him come up with something more credible.

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    Sad as it has been to hear of all the animals (that should have been left in the wild in the first place) being killed, the following article has made me look at things a little differently than at first.
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    One of the saddest stories ever. So few of these magnificent animals are left in the world anyway, and then to have them killed because some fool just had to have some. Even the Humane Society agreed they had to be killed, you cannot have tigers stalking school children. They definitely should have been left in their natural environment.

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    Lions & Tigers & Bears ... O-hi! (O)

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