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Thread: "2 Broke Girls" on CBS

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    Default "2 Broke Girls" on CBS

    2 Broke Girls is a new comedy series about 2 waitresses named Max and Caroline who live and work in New York City. Max works a second job as a nanny to a hands-off mother of twins. Caroline comes from a rich family background but her dad is in jail due to some sort of white collar crime and his funds are frozen by the government so Caroline needs the waitress job.

    While Caroline has hard time doing manual labor stuff she does have a business background and suggest to Max to start up a cupcake business, to do that they need a lot of money which they don't have. Episodes of the series has them doing something to either increase or decrease these earnings. At the end of the episode there is running total of money.

    Other supporting characters in the series are the owner, cook and cashier of the restaurant that the girls work at.

    Right now the series is kind of average, there are times when it is funny.

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    Default Re: "2 Broke Girls" on CBS

    I've actually DVR'd and watched this show, and enjoy it more than I expected to. Probably because I enjoy looking at Caroline (actress Beth Behrs).
    The reason I started watching it is because the show was created by comedian (comedienne ?) Whitney Cummings, whom I really enjoy. And at the same time this show started, Whitney also created and started a new show called (cleverly) "Whitney." I like that one too, more than I thought.
    Sitcoms are not at the top of my 'must watch" list, but I DVR these two and watch them when I have some time to kill.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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