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Thread: Local food cookbook

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    Default Local food cookbook

    I want to get a cookbook of local food. Basic stuff like plate lunches like L&L's menu. I know you can find this info on the internet, but I'm looking for a cookbook to give as a gift.

    I'm on the mainland and it's for someone else on the mainland so it will have to be on-line, so I can't preview the books to see if they cover the dishes I want to include.

    Any recommendations?

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    Try this old HT tread, which gives info on the Maui Extension cookbooks.
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    Google cookbooks with local hawaiian recipes and you will find a lot of them.

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    Second the nomination of the Maui Extension series - I think there are three or four available, and I have found them local-authentic and reliable.
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    I like this book:

    Hawaii's Best Local Dishes

    Also a selection of cookbooks here:
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