Hi. I have two vehicles in my possession, both of which I need to get rid of.

Vehicle #1 has been parked in my driveway for eight years (I have a hard time letting things go). The body's in excellent condition but the engine is probably toast and the clutch is bad. Because I haven't been driving it, I haven't paid the registration on it for all this time. I can't find my pink slip for this car.

Vehicle #2 has been my ride for a few years, but I haven't paid the most recent registration on it because I've been planning to get rid of it (it's a stupid reason, but there it is). It runs, but it overheats after fifteen minutes of driving, so I've only been using it for errands close to home. I also can't find my pink slip for this car. That sounds suspicious, but I assure you that I or members of my family own these vehicles; I'm just lousy about keeping track of paperwork.

I'd like to get rid of them both without having to deal with the back-fees on these cars. I'm worried that trying to get replacement titles will mean having to square-up with the county on the registrations, so ideally (unless someone has a better solution) I'd like to just GIVE them to someone who will break them up. Anyone got pointers on this?