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Thread: KHVH makes me puke

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    Default KHVH makes me puke

    Yep, look's like I'll have to turn off KHVH as soon as possible now in the morning.
    It's a good thing my bedroom trash can was nearby when I happened to wake up at 4:45am this morning with the radio on (as always), expecting to hear the usual continuence of Coast To Coast as has been the norm for decades. Instead, there was an immediate difference in the tone of discussion noted, it smelled real bad, and got worse as every second passed. I couldn't believe a programming change had occurred even tho there have been morning fluctuations lately, and then I realized that indeed one of the vilest media noisemakers was permeating my my head and it quickly created the disgusting body reaction nobody enjoys. As I hurled my steak dinner I desperately reached for the TV clicker and changed the channel to staunch the increasing wretch just as it felt like my whole guts were about to rip out. The dichotomy of KHVH having decent all night listening enjoyment countered by their unAmerican daytime shit has always amazed, but it's probably Coast To Coast that keeps the $ coming in and allows them to survive at all to keep the unpatriotic trash talk stinking up the airwaves. I cautiously hope to hear tomorrow morning's programming, wishing strongly that it's changed back to CTC. If not, OFF IT GOES FOR EVERMORE. The scum of America and those at this station must be incredibly desperate now, seeing the writing on the wall with this jokeload of candidates they have thrown against the wall with nothing sticking, and now have resorted to polluting the airwaves even further with their republican agenda of horror. Let's hope enuf dissatifaction with this change in programming reaches the ears of those at KHVH and they get the message that we don't want their daytime crap programming at all, and certainly not starting earlier in the morning.
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    Default your posts make me puke

    Might you be interested in sharing with us what the programming this morning was, or do you mean only to vent? I would gently suggest that you might want get a blog, Ron. The way you share videos, articles, and opinions makes conversation difficult, if not impossible. Whenever I read a thread initiated by you, I've noticed that the burden of getting a discussion going falls most of the time on whoever posts the follow-up.

    You've said you do it intentionally, that the clever (non-descriptive) titles and the links to YouTube with no hint about what's being linked are part of your design. This seems a lot more like blogging behavior to me (I have several such online vehicles for expression, so that's not a slam) than forum behavior.

    I don't even know which station KHVH is anymore, but if you'd like to SHARE WITH US at least the TITLE of the program that has you so upset, there might be some kind of conversation to be had. If not, why not put it on FB or Blogger?
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    It's deffinitely a vent, scriv, and not expected to get any positive discussing going, but your reply/suggestion is appreciated. I don't vent enuf to warrant a blog, nor do I want/need to vent in public, but sometimes things have to be said, not that anybody is or would be listening to a word I say. But KHVH main Joe King has posted in the past when I vented against them, and may get the message straight up his nose via HT. They sure wouldn't pay any attention anywhere else I can think of, or could afford.
    Most people know how KHVH is from 5/6am til 7/8pm, it's non-stop revolting, and many listen to the very popular and positive CTC at night. I prefer to not give publicity to any of the sewer worms they have in the morning til evening slots, but the self-promoting whiner heard this particular morning is reviled by many more than enjoy him, for sure.

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    Default Re: KHVH makes me puke

    Um,there was a major change at the local parent of KHVH,including schedule changes and the departure of Mike Buck and Joe King,among others. Fewer bodies=less expense

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    Default Re: KHVH makes me puke

    Well Ron, you piqued my curiosity so I looked up KHVH programming on-line. You mean THAT "unpatriotic sewer rat." I originally guessed the wrong one. KHVH is obviously trying to tap into a market where they think they can make a fast buck. It's all good; that particular genre of programming propaganda will certainly fade away sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, in the meantime, it will leave their listeners "less informed than if they had listened to no programming at all."

    So, yes Ron, turn off KHVH and become instantly more informed about current affairs.
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    Default Re: KHVH makes me puke

    As I have said several times in these threads no one is forcing anyone to listen to KHVH or any other station that they do not like. There are more than 30 radio stations on the local radio dial and countless thousands on the internet.

    If you hate KHVH that much, turn it to something else. It is that simple.

    Coast to Coast AM airs on other stations (check iHeart Radio on the internet) without the lead in to Glenn Beck.

    Yes, KHVH recently changed programming so that now Coast to Coast airs only from 7:PM to 3:AM (or is it 4:AM) and then Glenn Beck from that time to 6:00 am which is then Rick Hamada.

    BTW, Joe King was recently let go when Clear Channel did a massive house cleaning last month on many of their radio stations.

    You all know going into KHVH that most of the programming is conservative politics / talk radio. KHVH is @ 830 AM on the dial.
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    Wow, they actually got rid of King and Buck? They still have Hamada, and their part-time shmuck probably, so 2 more to go. That station was already running on fumes, now what, real monkeys at the wheel? I doubt psycho witch Bachmann can afford either of them, oh where will they go?

    mel, we're creatures of habit and convenience, nobody on HI radio ran C2C like KHVH, it was great to have it any time of night, and I assure you my listening was only during those wee hours. No need to change channels until 5am. But lately it was just used to put me to sleep easily, the shows with Noory long ago became more frustrating than interesting. But now I know to turn it off asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matapule View Post
    KHVH is obviously trying to tap into a market where they think they can make a fast buck, that particular genre of programming propaganda will certainly fade away sooner rather than later.

    So, yes Ron, turn off KHVH and become instantly more informed about current affairs.
    I'd counter with, they've had a long running hate and ignorance agenda that they want at least someone to hear. Even tho it's a small/declining audience they need to hammer the lies to maintain the anger factor within that nasty core base, illegitimate as it is in hopes of returning to a regressive platform.

    gotta love the FOX factor, their viewers are now scientifically proven to be tragically uninformed on facts, beyond those that ignore news altogether. I personally catch all the views and news I can, even this country's enemy media, to have info as fully rounded as possible. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, until you have to puke!

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    Default Re: KHVH makes me puke

    In my opinion the only thing I like about KHVH is the late night Coast to Coast pgm, I'm not sure if any other station runs that pgm in Hawaii because now that they joined with iHeart it makes me want to look elsewhere.

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    Default Re: KHVH makes me puke

    The destructive part of the talk radio industry is that it influences a significant part of the electorate to vote for destructive or evil or incompetent leadership. Radio always markets itself for its ability to influence listeners yet programmers say the nonstop conservative political rap is just entertainment. A lot of people take it seriously and vote that way. Thus, GW Bush and 9-11 and the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars, national bankruptcy, etc. Its no coincidence American politics was rational and productive before the fairness doctrine was abandoned. There is no way people can make rational political decisions hearing only one side. Congress is completely dysfunctional because of nut cases elected in no small measure because of talk radio. Its a problem that will either be solved or it will take the country down.


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