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    There's a British TV show called "Downton Abbey" that's won or been nominated for a long list of awards -- BAFTAs, Emmys, Golden Globes, and several more. Here in the US, it airs on PBS's Masterpiece Theater. Season One is already complete in both the UK and US, and it's available on Netflix. Season Two is complete in the UK and starts this Sunday (Jan 8) in the US.

    It's the kind of show I never thought I'd like. It's one of those "Pride and Prejudice" costume period dramas set in old England. Downton Abbey starts in 1912 (there are telegraphs and automobiles) so it's not set quite as far back as most period dramas, but people still have formal tea in their castles surrounded by their servants, marriages are still arranged, and everyone still acts like they have a stick up their...... well, you know.

    Anyway, the odd thing is, I really dig this show. Are all period dramas this interesting? Maybe I should start watching more. I never thought I'd be into a show like this, and I certainly never thought I ever get old enough to actually LIKE something on Masterpiece Theater.

    Anyone here watch the show?
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