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That's one scene I don't understand or making sense. I can understand the aliens unleasing those things on the Kaneohe Marine Base, but why the H1 and not the nearby Hickam Air Force Base or even the Pearl Harbor Naval Base where more ships are there, since there were no submarines in the fleet outside?
I'm thinking...

Aliens really didn't have anything in particular to hit, & perhaps it was just un planned, & possibly any where near where there are a lot of people, to just make a point.

As aliens, I don't think they sat around on a table & planned where they were going to make a hit.

As far as the creator of this movie, I have no idea Why they would pick such a location. Maybe it just makes sense.

I figure, if you truly still can't understand why the things are done the way it is in this movie, perhaps find a contact in direct to this movie, & there you may find more answers to your questions.

In MY true opinions about movies like these, I would just check it out & enjoy it.