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    Prologue: I bought a used Mini on Friday.

    I bought the Mini from a private individual, not from a dealer. He gave me the title and I had to go pay the city $10 to transfer it into my name. I was advised to keep the title document in a safe place. Fair enough.

    But. I donít remember ever getting a title to my previous cars once the loans were paid off. I sure donít have a file which has titles to the MG, the Triumph or the T-Bird. Is my memory just junk, or is it common practice for lenders not to give them to their customer once theyíre paid?

    Anybody know whether I should have those documents?

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    According to this online site:
    Title transfers in Hawaii

    Removing a Lien:
    After you make the final payment, the lender signs the title over to you and mails it to you.
    Sign the flip side of the title in the box that says ďNew Owner.Ē
    Go to a registration office.
    Bring the current registration card.
    Pay the title transfer fee. It ranges from $5 to $10.
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    Well, I'm reasonably sure I've never done that. I imagine Ford Credit and a couple of other lenders did their part by mailing the document to me; it's just routine on their part. But I have no memory of performing that little chore after the loans on my last three cars were paid off. Nor do I remember handing the title of the trade-ins over to the dealers when I bought new/used cars.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkmeister View Post
    Anybody know whether I should have those documents?
    You should definitely have the title to your car if you own it outright. You wouldn't be able to sell it otherwise. I've gone though the process several times in my 30 years of car ownership, and the first few times, it seemed everytime I did it, I couldn't remember how it was done the last time.

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    If the vehicles are still being used on the road, take a copy of the current registration to a DMV office, with proper ID and they can assist with getting a duplicate title.


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