Man on a Ledge (2012)
Elizabeth Banks, Sam Worthington, Ed Harris

Iím not spoiling anything when I say that the man on the ledge isnít really there to kill himself. Heís there because heís an escaped convict, an ex-cop who was framed for the theft of a very expensive diamond, and while heís on the ledge, not only does he bargain for someone to hear his side of the story, but he serves as a distraction while his brother tries to steal the supposedly stolen diamond from the wealthy owner who framed him.

And thatís pretty much all Iíll say because I donít think I can share another detail without spoiling it for anyone who might see it. Although really, you could go your whole life without seeing this movie and it really wouldnít matter, which I hate to say because I love Elizabeth Banks, who plays the police negotiator kind of caught between the police department who wants this man put back in jail and the man on the ledge, who claims heís innocent.

The performances are fine. The story, while a bit complicated, is fine. The dialogue is fine. If I had been forced to leave the theater sometime in the middle of the picture, I would have wondered what happened. So I guess I kind of cared about the story and characters, but my caring ceased as soon as the credits rolled and I was tossing my soda cup into the trash. This wouldnít be a bad rental, but please donít change any plans in order to see it.

Iíve seen Elizabeth Banks in four films released in 2012, making her the leading candidate for my Most Valuable Player award.

5/10 (IMDb rating)
50/100 (Criticker rating)