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    Default 2012 Summer Olympics

    I luv the Queen.

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    Any medal winners from the 2012 Olympic braddahs or sistas?

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    Normally I don't watch sports and I wasn't planning on tuning in to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics on TV, however I did manage to watch parts of a couple of events on somebody else's TV on Tuesday.

    The first was the Spain vs USA Men's Beach Volleyball. I wasn't suprised by the event itself being in the Olympics. I suspect having the players play in sand might make sense or even having the players wearing safety glasses. I couldn't figure out why the players were wearing caps what looked like an indoor or at night match. Of course the USA players were doing it different, one of them (Rodgers I believe was his name) had his cap backwards while the other guy (Dalhauser) didn't wear one at all.

    Also saw the Womens USA gymastic team perform a few hours later (and at someone else TV set).

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    Red face Re: 2012 Summer Olympics

    One of the most compelling stories out of London was all over the social web, but apparently didn't even hit the edge of the radar for NBC:

    Fencing: South Korean Shin Lam in tears amid major London 2012 controversy
    South Korean fencer Shin Lam was in floods of tears at the ExCeL arena tonight after arguably the biggest controversy of the Olympics so far. The 25-year-old thought she was through to the final of the women's epee when, to her horror and that of her coach Shim Jaesung, the clock was reset from zero to one second. And when the action resumed German Britta Heidemann, gold medallist four years ago, scored a do-or-die hit that appeared to have given her a place in the final against Ukraine's Yana Shemyakana.
    The timing "official" was apparently a 15-year-old volunteer.

    In the end, Shin A-Lam found a little redemption...

    Fencing: South Korean Shin Lam to take a medal home after all

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    Default Re: 2012 Summer Olympics

    I think the most interesting story at the Olympics is this guy Pistorius from South Africa who runs on artificial legs. I'm all for the guy, but his prosthetics opens all kinds of questions. Can all athletes use prosthetics (even if they have all their original limbs)? What kind of mechanical advantage do these prosthetics provide? How do artificial limbs differ from drug enhancement to gain a competitive advantage?

    I am not, in any way, trying to diminish this guys accomplishments. However, in my opinion, the use of artificial limbs is going to prove to be a "Pandora's Box."
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    Women's soccer gold-medal game is Thursday at 2:30 on that NBC Sports Network station (channel 19 on regular Oceanic cable). USA vs. Japan. Man, if this were the women's world cup, this island would be feverish. Should be a fun game.
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