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Thread: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

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    Thumbs up Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

    For those who live here in Oahu &/or for those who are visiting, and just for anyone who is interested.....

    I am just just sharing their website. ALL the information is there .

    Happy Shopping .
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    when on oahu my wife's must-do is to hit the swap meet!


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    It might be better now that Kam is pau, but it was great in the early '80s, then went all junk.

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    Hiya Ron... if you mean by 'all junk' the brand new touristy stuff, then just make your way to the inner rows of the stadium lot for the used treasures like Kam swap meet was.
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    Went for the first time back in January - spent several hours wandering, saw both touristy junk and interesting local products, but didn't buy very much. The "inner rows" to which MM referred were the most interesting - like being at a giant neighborhood garage sale. Next time, I'll spend more time perusing that stuff and not bother with the other junk.

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