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Thread: Preparing Hot Dogs

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    Default Preparing Hot Dogs

    While there is a thread about Hawaii's Best Hot Dog, this thread is about preparing, cooking or even buying brands of hot dogs.

    For me I tend to boil them in water and just eat it as sandwich with cheese and a mixture of whatever sauces I have handy at home.

    For today's dinner I am boiling for the first time some Oscar Mayer Selects Angus Beef Franks which oddly enough comes in pack of 8, which is kind of ironic for me since I tend use sliced whole wheat bread instead of a hot dog bun.

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    my mom would boil the hot dogs for me when i was younger.

    she bought whatever was on sale... typically some kind of chicken, turkey and whatever else mixture.

    when i started dating my now wife she introduced me to beef franks.

    i can't eat anything else now.

    we don't boil but grill on the bbq.


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