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    Neil Armstrong, the first human on the moon, has passed away at age 82, as a result of complications from heart surgery.

    In many ways it seems like only yesterday I watched the event on a small black & white TV set in a basement in Eugene, Oregon. I checked the streets: not a single car moving, nor a pedestrian. The entire world watched. I am sad that he is gone. It was a great accomplishment, an astounding accomplishment, and even though he never took any personal credit for it, he was one of the certifiable heros of human history.

    If you remember where you were when man first landed on the moon, please tell.

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    This is certainly an important passing, one I hope is given the gravity and celebration deserved, Neil's glory moment cannot be deminished by time and NASA's shortened role these days.

    I was at a friend's house near mine in Bell, CA playing football in the front yard as others were glued to the TV reports nearing sunset time and yelling at us to come in and watch history. I'm glad they finally got my interest and nestled inside as we all watched the most incredible hour ever.

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    My father, brother and I watched on an old b+w TV in my brother's upstairs bedroom, while my mother and sister were doing something else, I've no idea what.

    I hope Neil got to smile at the recent Curiosity Rover landing on Mars; his efforts were a part of that success.

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    I was living in Manhattan Beach, CA and in the middle of hosting my youngest daughter's 1st birthday party...with the TV on. Fortunately she was too young to notice that her party wasn't the only thing going on in the world!

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    I was a kid and watched just about all of the news coverage on Apollo 11 from blast-off, to moon landing, the walk on the moon and splashdown in "colorful black & white" on our old TV set.

    Neil Armstrong was a true American hero. He is now among the heavens and stars. Rest in Peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mel View Post
    I was a kid and watched just about all of the news coverage on Apollo 11 from blast-off, to moon landing, the walk on the moon and splashdown in "colorful black & white" on our old TV set.
    Mel, you and other space geeks (like me) might enjoy this DVD set:

    Very complete footage of the liftoff from several angles, footage of all the EVA time on the Moon, etc.

    Aloha `oe, Neil - your final step was a small one, but one just for you alone.

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    Neil was often referred to as a "reluctant" hero. Perhaps more than anyone else, he was aware of the thousands of people who contributed in so many different ways that paved the path for the Apollo Mission to be a success. For the world, he provided a human face for that monumental, collective effort. And that was something he could never get away from, despite his humble nature.

    His passing is a significant milestone, just as this December will mark another.... 40 years since the sixth and final lunar landing. Hard to believe that it's been nearly a couple of generations since an astronaut has last walked on the moon's surface.
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    I was a young lad at the time and my family was on a road trip enroute to Gonzales Tx.

    The radio in the old Ford Ranchwagon was turned up ,listening for news.

    My father pulled off at a small motel in Arizona. The flashing neon sign in front

    said TV and airconditioning.

    My parents made the room seem like home and turned on the television.

    It flickered to life and the images from the moon appeared.
    Amazing stuff!

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