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Thread: Poll: Who won the first presidential debate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalalau View Post
    I guess the idea is people often do not vote on the basis of the issues.
    Many people do not vote FOR a candidate so much as they vote AGAINST the other candidate. Probably the philosophy of this guy:

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    I guess that guy is the definition of a skinhead. Somebody must have turned over a rock.
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    The stupidest reason I have heard of for voting for someone is if the candidate's name is first on the ballot. I have a lot of hope and faith that people put at least a little more thought than that into casting their vote. People don't realize how serious it is. Its infinitely more important than "Yay Team!" or keeping with a family tradition or responding to emotional appeals or lies. It actually is hiring someone to work for you. If you were hiring a plumber or an accountant or a doctor you would look beyond emotionally pleasing appeals or attacks on competitors and go for the best you could find, and that is who you want making decisions about taxes, war or peace, etc. Look at the incredible contrast between Clinton and bush, competence v. ineptitude, stupidity, and sloth. I am depressed that Romney's lies seem to be working. With his record of inept and inappropriate blathering he gives all the signs of being another loose cannon, the country can't afford any more of that, it needs mature and deliberative leadership, not another bush.

    Wow, that guy's t shirt says so much. There isn't a thing you can do about people who vote on racism. They are free to vote on that or any other basis they want. Still, if that guy had a choice of hiring a white heart surgeon with the ineptitude of gw bush or a Black one with the competence of Barak Obama I think he'd chose the competent Black one. Jeeze, and Obama is half white anyway!
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