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  • Yes, put Jeremy Higgins in! He’s thrown for consecutive TDs in relief of Schroeder.

    5 83.33%
  • Play Cayman Schutter! Wasn’t he supposed to be the top backup?

    0 0%
  • Play some other quarterback. Didn’t David Graves have the most DI experience?

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  • Keep Sean Schroeder. Norm Chow has a plan.

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  • Fire Norm Chow at the end of the season!

    1 16.67%
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Thread: Should UH change their quarterback?

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    Thumbs up Should UH change their quarterback?

    The University of Hawai‘i Warriors are on their way to one of the worst records since Fred Von Oppen’s now-infamous 0-12 season. Through it all, Head Coach Norm Chow has stuck with his Duke Blue Devil, Sean Schroeder. Personally, I think Sean takes way too long to go through his progressions, is completely flat-footed, and stifles his own drives by getting greedy and throwing to the heavily covered man down-field instead of the closer, open man. Start Jeremy Higgins already. What do we have to lose, at this point?

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    Yes, start Higgins. I agree with TuNnL about Schroeder. Not only does he take too long to throw the ball, but when he does, he has a slow release. I can't believe its taken eight games for another QB besides Schroeder to throw a ball. It's not like the games have been close. (BTW, Higgins has not thrown for two touchdowns; he's thrown for one and ran for one.)

    I think of more concern is the attendance at UH games. The actual attendance (not the announced) at the the Boise State game looked below 20,000.

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    How about a new offense cordinator with Larry Price?

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    Jeremy Higgins get chance fo play.

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    UH's game against Air Force just ended, with Air Force beating us 21 to 7.
    Higgins played the first 3 quarters. He led us to a touchdown with passes on the very first series, but then Norm Chow kept insisting that we run instead of pass. Fire Chow!!!
    Schroeder played the final quarter and didn't show anything.
    So once again we lost in front of a national audience on ESPN. Is that three or four times already this season?
    Our 'mighty' Warriors are now 1-9 for the season. Mighty, indeed. Mighty bad.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikaNui View Post
    but then Norm Chow kept insisting that we run instead of pass.
    How many two run yards call happened on first down?

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