I've never been a fan of carrying cash. I like to carry as little as possible. My wallet (card holder) consists of my drivers license, one debit card and one credit card. Nothing else.

I pay for pretty much everything with my credit card. Tipping my barber and at restaurants is not a problem since I can do that on my card.

BUT, I've pissed off several valet guys and porters when I haven't been able to tip them. It's not that I don't want to...I'm a generous guy but without cash, I can't!

So someone needs to invent a way for these guys to receive tip from me (and other cashless people). Or companies need to pay them better so we don't need to tip.

In Europe, donations to churches went down with the arrival of the cashless society. So they were smart and installed payment terminals inside the churches. Maybe valet guys should have a payment terminal by their booth?

Any ideas?