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Thread: RIP, Senator Dan Inouye

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    Exclamation RIP, Senator Dan Inouye

    He was 88 and third in line for the Presidency.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Default Re: RIP, Senator Dan Inouye

    I was just at Sen. Inouye's Senate office in DC last September. Unfortunately he was not in. Hawai'i has just lost a national treasure.

    Sayanara Senator Inouye.
    Peace, Love, and Local Grindz

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    I first met Inouye when I was going to college in 'the east.' If I recall the timing correctly, he was serving in the US House shortly after statehood and invited Hawaii students in the (New England) area to a suite in the Parker House hotel in Boston for a talk story session.

    Because of the various jobs I've had, our paths crossed many times in subsequent years. He never forgot my name, and was always cordial, and always clearly in charge.

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    Default Re: RIP, Senator Dan Inouye

    Rest in Peace Mr. Inouye. I for one am very grateful for all you have done for the State of Hawaii.
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