After decades of manini progress towards truly helping those out on the streets, or in the hills, or on somebody's couch, it's time to bypass the political and hidden BS and get'r done no matter who doesn't like the bottom line. You can't say homeless without saying home, and free sensible housing starts addressing many of the problems for those afflicted, those who want to help, and those who are merely sick of seeing a bum distorting their picture of paradise.
Emphasizing warehouse style shelters like our own IHS and Next Step, is not benefitting the needy to the correct degree, it's more often part of (shall we say...) a scam by organizations who profit from it, and maybe worse, these places are disgusting. Most use them because they fear the dangers and bad weather, not willing to risk sleeping out in the open and being vulnerable like many others do.
The 'home' in question is nothing that anybody would accept unless the person considering it was without shelter, even with the accomodations made available to allow a person to utilize towards bettering their life.
The State needs to allocate land and the personel to oversee all phases and needs, build maybe 1000 one person 10'x10' living cubical w/bathroom extension shelters that are virtually abuse proof and include electricity and wireless connections. Hard core rules would need to be strictly adhered to, incoragibles and mentals do not fit this scheme, it's for those who can maintain themselves within ristrictions and parameters. There are thousands who will use the availability, many may live out their lives on the dole, but many will also take advantage of it for the right reasons.
Yes, it costs $$$, but it is about dignity and respect due every individual, and providing avenues for those down to better their situations, this only helps a community and thus our Nation become stronger.
This will not solve the multifacted homeless problem, but it will give a viable opportunity to those who otherwise will never use typical services/shelters or want to upgrade from them and get the majority out of the public eye and off property unsuitable for habitation. The public eye angle is one the community should be able to all get behind, most of the homeless hate is because they have to see and smell their daily existance. There are many other bennies to starting such a project, some we may not realize until a year or more into being. The mass aversion to giving someone something valuable for nothing rubs many the wrong way, too bad, lucky them that havn't yet incurred the need. They'll change these worthless and damaging attitudes should they find themselves in such a pickle, suddenly glad a project like I envision exists. The State started something similar in Haleiwa long ago, put in plumbing and wiring, then abandoned it due to public outcry! Now those same crybabies are still crying about the homeless they helped create. If it becomes successful there will be many who now have rented homes/rooms that will leave for the free pastures, and that's OK too, it opens up options for those who want to replace them in our resonable housing shortage island. The goal is to improve the pathetic situtation, and no idea will be 100% perfect, but things need to start changing for the better, our high and low mukas ain't doing it.

I'm putting together a plan to submit to the powers in charge so they know there's better alternatives to their ways, and if they turn away from it then the homeless numbers need to unite and use civil dis/recourse to pressure the issues. Any input towards furthering this plan's outline is welcome.