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Thread: Homeless solutions

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    upgrading the City's annual BIG FAT LIE PITC so they can track the homeless instead of creating homes

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    Kimo Carvalho is a part of the heartless homeless industry and now has an even cushier job while next to 0 has been happening in eliminating jobs like his with solving the matter by simply providing homes for the 15,000 homeless on Oahu. he's also guilty of helping to chase away churches and other caring food providers from public areas with the pathetic excuse that it enables people to stay on the streets, despite his years at IHS who are the main feeders on Oahu. the difference between IHS vs churches etc. is IHS typically feeds people meager garbage, most often cold, with usually no seconds, while others who feed in parks or their private property serve hot, tasty, nutritious meals with seconds. he's also a big proponent of the brutal sit and lie laws and worse, Caldwell's criminal destruction of crucial homeless property and the few possessions they have, including medications, prescriptions, and personal documents (ID, birth certs., licences, etc.) all extremely important items which can kill the vulnerable, perpetuate homelessness, and induce / deepen depression. Kimo made good on a bad childhood but as a culpable member of the endless and growing homeless industry he deserves no hoorah.

    in this documentary from the CB article, which I just now discovered, the media again spin the bullshit of homeless numbers by half, citing a figure of only 8,000 Oahu streeters, most of the homeless their bogus PITC never even see. at least Denby states how Ige is part of that deceitful problem merely for his political and personal benefit.

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    nearly 1$BILLION to fund the exploding LA homeless industry

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    red States especially won't like this hit to the poor

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