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Thread: Homeless solutions

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    everything I've posted in this thread will either be adhered to NOW or you can just kiss it all g'bye

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    another bogus point in time count showing 1K less Oahu homeless than the last pitc, bullshit, there's been 15K homeless just on Oahu for 20+yrs, yet Civil Beat and other media keep perpetuating this lie even tho they know the facts

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    motherfucking cocksuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    HI can't / won't even handle the homeless it has, here come twice as many

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    over 20 million renters face eviction by September falling heavily on Black and Hispanic renters

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    shithole racist traitor trump just got shittier

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    Aloha 'Oe Tuxedo Man aka Raymond Petry
    Tuxedo man - By Amber Khan
    To most, he is known as the man who wears a black suit and walks around campus carrying plastic bags, but there is much more to Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry. Petry is easily recognized as a figure on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. He can be seen at any time of the day walking along Wilder Street or University Avenue. Many students are intrigued by his presence. “He’s a mystery, I want to know what's in his bags and I think he might be homeless,” said Kainoa Gruspe, an Art student at UH Manoa. Petry certainly does give the impression of being homeless with his appearance, but there is a good deal more to him than his appearance. Petry is a student of UH Manoa’s Senior Citizen Visitor program. This program allows senior citizens over the age of 60 to attend classes on campus free of charge. No credit is received for their attendance or work, but the students gain knowledge and skills for the world today. He has been a participant of the program for over 10 years and has taken hundreds of classes which vary from politics to the evolution of the universe to calculus. As a student, Petry is currently enrolled in five classes this semester, some of which include Cosmology 427 and Stellar Interiors and Evolution 623. He continues to pursue his education as a daily task and maintains his personal research concerning theories of religion, science and astrophysics. Petry has written several articles that have been self published. Project Lambhorn, project Nemo, subproject Lanthus and subproject Sesquatercet are among the some of the article compilations he has written and published. “One can develop a certain amount of expertise in certain fields,” said Petry. “The overall picture would be a well rounded student that can ask the right questions.” Petry comes in Sinclair Library almost every night, says Imai Chock, a Student Assistant at the Student Services Center in Sinclair Library. “He’s got some wild theories,” says Jeffery “Kapali” Lyon, assistant professor in the Department of Religion. “He’s got some wild theories,” says Jeffery “Kapali” Lyon, assistant professor in the Department of Religion. She sees him come in very late and go to the computer lab, where he wipes the computer down with a napkin, takes his shoes off and puts slippers on. He stays on the computer for hours, he’s not a typical homeless man, says Chock. “He hinted at them in class, and then after class he regularly followed me back here and then sometimes for an hour or more we would talk about his theories.” Petry has taken both Hebrew and Prophecies of the Last Days from Lyon. “He has a boundless energy for work and research,” said Lyon. For fun, Petry enjoys screen writing, commenting on youtube videos, and following political issues. Political issues are almost fantasies, said Petry. I enjoy writing political articles because they are different ways of thinking. Petry was born in Pennsylvania where he attended preschool for a short amount of time. His family moved to southern California, while he was entering kindergarten. As a high school student he was very interested in mathematics and sciences. He regularly kept track of all things related to space exploration and found the moon landing inspirational. “That was kind of a nice cap for high school,” said Petry. After graduating high school in 1969, Petry attended the University of California, San Diego, and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics in 1973. He has considered going back to college for a graduate degree many times, but has found it difficult to focus on one subject area. During the 1970s, Petry worked with stealth satellites and engineering and later worked for the technology company Linkabet, which subsequently became L-3 Communications. When he found the principles of Linkabet changed, he left the company. He briefly traveled around the states to visit family before arriving in Hawaii in 1982 and has been walking the streets of Honolulu.

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    company leases backyards for 99 years to build tiny homes and rent them at affordable rates

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