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Thread: Homeless solutions

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Ron, maybe you could refresh us on how the city and county can properly deal with homeless persons. I don't recall the solution we should be supporting. Thanks!

    [I don't think name-calling on any side of the issue is useful, tho].
    May I always be found beneath your contempt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmoned View Post
    Ron, maybe you could refresh us on how the city and county can properly deal with homeless persons. I don't recall the solution we should be supporting. Thanks!

    [I don't think name-calling on any side of the issue is useful, tho].
    Sure, here you go *

    It's useful for me, and helps avoid jail, so far.

    * Oh, you want a new post on it?
    The SA could stop misinforming and misleading the public with their editor's perpetuating falsehoods about the issue and trying to seperate the homeless from the rest of society, for starters.
    Educating the public of the facts towards what will and won't work so the crying ignorant (oops!) can base their wailings in reality instead of crapping up the discussion.
    But these shelters and these unacceptable attitudes of merely warehousing humans has got to go, now. We're talking about 10,000 homeless on Oahu and the need for an entire new city fashioned from shipping containers with bath facilities and wireless and regulated stringently, you can't just let people go wild in this environment, the 'homes' are for singles only and no entry to others, so that eliminates at least 1000 of the worst incorigibles from con-city that will always be in the public eye and many causing the usual problems. The eye-sores and street crims will always be with us where some don't want them, as is their rights like everyone else.
    There is no longer a 100% fix, if there ever was, but our society is monstously weak at present with so many indigents and people need to have an easier way to get reestablished, this will rebuild our communities to what we had decades ago, plus provide opportunities for self betterment and incentives to entreprenuerism.

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    More errant reporting on the issues regarding placing people into shelters And Mayor Compassion is equally clueless, or maybe deliberately. Like the 110 person bed space available at shitty IHS is going to make a dent in the 10,000 homeless population on Oahu alone. That space is available at IHS because few wish to pay to be dumped on at a crappy dump.

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    Mayor Compassion's heartlessly clueless efforts of corralling 100 'chronically homeless' for ranking and rating evaluations at Sand Island prior to Housing First eligibility possibilities are now awaiting DLNR approvals. In short, this less than short sighted maneuver will be a mess, not to mention the massive zoo the already insane #s 19/20 Airport/Waikiki City bus routes will become with the island's most promising candidates for craziest dirtbag award piling on with all their garbage on a regular basis. Meanwhile, 10,000 (and counting) Oahu homeless go ignored.
    To actually state that security will be in place to maintain a safe environment but there will be no enforcement of laws regarding illegal actives is patently and unacceptably insane and should result in complete dismissal of all officials who have signed off on this. Law suits in waiting, and few success stories. They expect unstable personalities to line up for screening and then sit around in a composed manner for months while being made to do everything they are against, like be calm and normal in a completely abnormal environment full of confounding restrictions and requirements. Hell yes, that'll work!
    The article is rife with such absurd considerations and proves the whole homeless issue will continue and worsen while 47 mil goes down the toilet, along with any real solutions, while we watch the jackass mayor strut around praising himself and then run for Governor.
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    Didn't they see The Toxic Avenger?

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    This madness is never going to end until we elect officials that give a shit and have a brain, but what I saw the other nite proves the worst of the worst imaginable is the level Mayor Compassion is cruising along at.
    They're trumpeting the potential (temporary) housing of 100 people when there's over 10,000 without a home or desirable shelter on Oahu on any given day? The whole systemic agenda is devoid of humane considerations, is flat heartless, and economically it's fiscal shibai, a total dog and pony show, all smoke and mirrors, a song and a dance, all show and no go. Lies, and they don't care how obvious they are.
    A far away Sand Island former hazardous materials dump in a barren weather extreme zone with no shelter (on proposed new asphalt pavement) and surrounded by a heavy industrial environment with no stores nearby at the end of a long and dangerous Access Road coming off Nimitz Hwy. and an already overly packed and stressed Waikiki/Airport bus line, is the latest brainchild of clueless political planners in flailing attempts to solve the homeless issue, expecting hundreds of zombified candidates to collect themselves, their stuff, their pets, and somehow go buy the required tent (nothing else allowed) and get to an unknown destination where they'll have to behave and do all the things they have fervently resisted forever. All while being constantly directed, questioned, segregated, rated, and the myriad things crazy people can't tolerate. No plans for the many 'worst case' individuals who actually make it there yet will be denied, fail the program, or merely stop short of the entrance and end up becoming new life-long Kalihi Kai dirt bag squatters. No matter, that's their plan, and they're sticking to it.
    Wednesday evening at a Kalihi Kai auditorium a public forum sponsored by the City to further promote their ill conceived answers was childishly produced, clearly rushed out, and full of highly debatable points. Officials (including Whity-Chun Oakland?) could barely hide the banality of it all in their faces as they endlessly sold a bill full of bull and then floundered endlessly in the face of questioning by a concerned crowd. The more they talked in circles the more questions they caused. We heard Oakland say that (after the whole debacle is over a decade from now) the end goal didn't even include a permanent home for the few that may succeed in the program, in spite the grueling process expected of severely mentally and physically damaged clients or how negatively that would affect them. We heard no answers to what health agencies had been involved in the planning for that site for human habitation. It's all a bunch of litigation waiting to happen. But The City just got a conditional lease for the parcel from the BLNR to help ramrod it, with Dept. head Aila saying this is better than leaving them out on the streets. Well, no it's not, not when the whole exercise is doomed to failure from the start. But this is what $47 look's like as it circles the rim, we're watching the failure in real time.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Seems to be plenty scrutinizing of this stupid joke The City is trying to pull as it's first steps in spending $47 mil towards it's pathetic goals against the homeless people while using the Sand Island staging plot along with the Housing First program as a facade to bum rush the squatters off Waikiki sidewalks and pass Bill 42. From general procedure practices, to EIS/health and zoning matters, to logistics and practicality, to basic humanitarian and socially acceptability fundamentals. Then there's how any of this even begins to resemble how Housing First is designed to work when in fact it's the opposite. Our City/State officials are trying to force this giant mess into something it can't be simply to placate the legitimate local, tourist, and business vocals who desperately want THEM out our their sight for good, a dream that will never come true no matter what. But maybe these sneaky officials will be stopped dead in their tracks in going forward with their dumb and obviously vicious plans, as more approvals need to be gotten and pressures are building as the media glare takes it's toll. As expected, all this money, focus, and effort is being wasted as the homeless numbers mount and nothing good get's going. There's nowhere near the infrastructure to provide even emergency level shelter for the number of street bums in just Waikiki alone, yet they push and push this blind and inhumane agenda. It's a blatant scam and the media are starting to call them on it, pretty soon the local TV guys will cave in and mention it.
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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    I thought the food went to homeless shelters.

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    The bigger the corporate enterprise the less they care about waste or people.
    Just the amount that 7-11 throws away daily on Oahu would feed a huge portion of our hungry (a poor diet), but there are all kinds of spoilage and handling issues beyond the costs that prohibit most of this from being availed to the needy. They won't dent their high profits for mere humanity, but you often find small owners willing to do good.
    If you want to focus on good food that is hijacked away from the mouths that it's intended for look no further than IHS, the Iwilei shelter that has for decades systemically swiped all the great donated food and all that's left for the hungry is what IHS thieves don't want, nor does anybody else. That's why IHS is known to run out of food during mealtimes or typically just serves up hog slop.

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    Pam Witty-Oakland has resigned from Mayor Compassion's Cabinet for reasons concerning her elderly parents, but after the pathetic debacle witnessed last week where she and two other City officials endlessly embarrassed themselves and their admin. trying to fool the public further regarding the heartless/clueless homeless insanity perpetrated by Caldwell and the State it make's me wonder if it just became too much for even her. I would run away and never show my face again if I was that bad.

    Then we have sweet Margaret Giles of Waikiki who op-ed'ed in today's SA and has "no sympathy for the parents/adults who keep having babies when they know they cannot support and take care of them".
    Well, with that void of humanity let's hope sweet Margaret doesn't have a rifle with a scope on it handy.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Actor Chris Pratt who hosted SNL mentioned in his monologue that he was homeless in Hawaii.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Now a pathetic excuse from Mayor Compassion that his homeless efforts are being hampered by a lack of staff to get'r done...

    No, it's hardly the lack of staff, more the lack of the right stuff. A single person with their head screwed on straight can get this shit largely dealt with quickly, sensibly, humanely, and without throwing away 47 mil. Instead we get more costly bureaucratic BS that will merely continue his clueless and heartless methods.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Now The City is scrambling to take over policing Fort DeRussy beach, that latest refuge homeless squatters have been shoved to after HPD wasted no time is warning Waikiki street dwellers of the new sit and lie laws. Yet nowhere in the entire article is there again any concern for the human beings that are out in the open every single nite, instead we get selfish garbage from the likes of Daniel Raffone who say's the "homeless are everywhere, it's a huge contrast to Hilton Village and shops like Armani and Tiffany's, if it continues the tourists will stop coming to Hawaii". And then there's Waikiki resident Steve Caplan who hopes The City and DLNR don't drag their feet in hustling them off DeRussy beach but doesn't opine for the suffering people, just his spoiled views and only feeling sorry for tourists. Then goes on with bizarre thinking that this enforcement "would be an INSTANTANEOUS SOLUTION to a growing problem". As usual, it's merely GET THEM OUT OF MY SIGHT! as a form of solution for the real problems that continue to be ignored.
    Known businessman Bud Shasteen voiced similar horrors in an op-ed yesterday and demanded something be done about it, while not providing a bit of concern or ideas to help anyone but his moneyed friends.
    Then there are the endless string of educated idiots that insist on willful ignorance concerning facts and realities re homeless people and what they need and are denied, this stretches from our Gov. and Mayor to the media to neighborhood board members and general public who consistently get it wrong and have no clue about street level truths, and worse don't have any interest in educating themselves on the matters, they're SO smart they don't need to consider listening to those who can tell them what they need to know. And it's plain they don't even care, absurdly claiming such as what a good start the humanitarian and economic debacle of the Sand Island internment camp is, despite the lawsuits it's deservedly spawned. Obviously they havn't taken the time to know what's actually up and routinely express no desire to. There are few things more dangerous and damaging to a community and society than willful ignorance.
    These types are a big part of the problem and need to go fuck themselves and give the rest of us a break from their pitiful BS and let the few clear thinkers have a shot at doing the right things.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Here's a sensible start to easing the housing crunch and preventing more from sliding into poverty or homelessness
    But you know if it ever begins to happen it'll get corrupted and end up a damaging joke and nothing will get done to help.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Katheryn Xian's fb page has good info and a petition against stupid and inhumane actions by the State and City.
    Here's some video exampling City officials and their recent Puuhale info/input session with comment by Ms. Xian
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    Default da plan, boss, da plan!

    In the video you hear a City official say the goal now is to process 40 people... not the original 200, not the revised number of 100, no, 40 whole people out of over 15,000 homeless and in dire need just on Oahu. What a plan!

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    In today's SA we hear a Caldwellodite running for a Council seat, Tommy Waters, exclaim that he would work with the State to develop transitional shelters where the homeless can get the services they need... "And if they don't go there, then they go to jail".
    Well, fuck you, Mr. Waters. Your troggish concerns lead thinking voters to reject your 'off to jail' concept as just another pandering cold-blooded poli blowing smoke for ignorant votes. His District 4 opponent, Trevor Ozawa, has differing views from Waters/Caldwell and recognizes the failings of the State and City in planning ends to homelessness via Housing First and hopes further options can be implemented. At least that's a step in a better direction.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Today's SA editorial 'Our View' once again shows the paper's editors to be as clueless as Mayor Compassion with a litany of errors regarding what's currently happening.
    They still promote The City's version of Housing First, despite it being totally contrary to the concept of housing people first, and instead expects the worst of the worst to be able to do even the first thing required of them. It will not address even the near worst, nor the worst, let alone the worst of the worst.
    Once again they post contrary tallies of the homeless count, again saying it's near 7,000 in total when they've recently stated just the US Vet numbers on the street to be at near 7,000.
    Today starts the Housing First contract that will place 115 chronically homeless "households", whatever that means. But City officials have already stated publicly that only a mere 40 will be dealt with initially. If I know that then why doesn't the newspaper?
    They also state that these people will be placed into permanent housing when officials have stated that the housing is in fact not permanent.
    The paper agrees the need to slash the deficit of affordable housing for Hawaii's poorest residents. I kinda think the poorest are in need of something much more affordable than 'affordable'.
    They correctly comment that City and State's complicated bureaucracy has hampered the process. But, wasn't the reason we got a friggin costly Homeless Czar was to cut thru all that?
    Stated correctly as well is that big $$$ Waikiki needs to pony up and sustain their involvement in helping the community for a change instead of just taking.
    The SA gets a lot of things right concerning the homeless issue but they get too many important things wrong.
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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Katheryn Xian has a petition to end the mean and ignorant bills that are currently on the slate
    We need to take back our sidewalks but first need to establish sensible, economical, and humane ways to deal with housing people before issuing bills, tickets, or harassing and arresting people who have nowhere to go.

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    Oh oh, looks like Camp Caldwell, the Sand Island 'Kirkistan'... is getting inundated with unforeseen basic concerns that are already driving costs beyond the City's original expectations
    But that's what happens when you don't care or plan.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    The CCouncil has momentarily postponed the SnL ban due to concerns even by Bill 48's own author but I doubt they will find the many thousands of beds for those the laws will uproot by Fri.

    Meanwhile, The City snuck a plan into work with the Pauahi Hale apt's getting some renovations towards servicing the street dwellers around there with bathrooms and showers being installed with direct sidewalk access, plus service personel are planned to be available to help. It looked woefully inadequate and virtually undersuperviseable, but we'll see, this was long over due and now The City has to show ability in truly providing and maintaining.

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    And now 5-0 get's ensnarled in pointless controversy over street sweeps that are...
    The City
    This admin could take the higher road concerning the homeless issues by they always choose to make the worst out of these situations. It seems there's a legit safety concern with the car chase scene, OK, inform people in the area that things will be cleared for the shoot. Simple, no need to surprise squatters at dawn with cops and trash bins being indiscriminately filled, and then lie about it all.

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    And from the sweep site yesterday again come the endless cries of official City scum (whom are always protected by HPD who stand around allowing this blatant theft and destruction of personal property) still taking ID's, other various important documents, and meds from the needy and tossing them in the trash despite the frantic people trying to gather their much needed stuff.

    Found this comment interesting from
    Caldwell Fundraiser Pumps the Tourism Industry for Cash.
    An email was sent to potential donors the same day the mayor signed bills that would ban sitting and lying on Waikiki sidewalks, as well as public urination and defecation. Talk about good timing. An hour before Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed bills designed to push the homeless out of Waikiki and stop them from urinating and defecating in public, his campaign fundraiser Mitchell Imanaka blasted out a message about an upcoming donor event at the Trump International Hotel. The Sept. 16 email, recently obtained by Civil Beat, doesn’t specifically list the recipients, but it’s clear that it was tailored to those who are involved with Hawaii’s multi-billion-dollar visitor industry. It also aims to recruit as many potential donors as possible to support Caldwell for his 2016 re-election bid. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s campaign is hoping the tourism industry helps pump up his war chest. “As you know, the Mayor has been highly supportive of our tourism industry, especially to our businesses in Waikiki,” Imanaka wrote. “If each of you can bring at least (5) people to this event, it will send a strong message that the visitor industry is appreciative of his Administration’s efforts to improve the visitor experience on Oahu.”. Imanaka also thanked everyone who attended a kick-off breakfast for the fundraiser that took place the week before. He attached a flyer that he said could be used to help solicit donations from supporters in advance of the Oct. 8 fundraiser. The suggested contribution for the event is $500.
    Caldwell already has a flush bank account, according to the most recent campaign spending data. So far, he’s already raised more than $1.4 million to help keep him in office. Imanaka is a Honolulu-based business attorney, and is the main organizer behind Caldwell’s campaign fundraisers. He’s also a lobbyist who has represented the tourism industry. According to lobbyist disclosures filed with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission, Imanaka’s clients have included Turtle Bay Resort, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Soleil Management Hawaii and Consolidated Resorts Management. Imanaka declined to comment and instead referred questions to Caldwell’s campaign chair Lex Smith.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    Carroll Cox said on his Sun. morning radio show that he'll be trying to get IHS Director, Connie Mitchell on air to ask amongst other things why IHS refuses entry for meals to those who have backpacks / such type baggage or they can LEAVE IT OUTSIDE. I seriously doubt he'll even get an answer to his requests from her, she's got way too much to hide.

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    Default Re: Homeless solutions

    In today's SA op-ed, Richard Moore of Makiki suggested Caldwell could be in violation of people's 4th Amendment rights by stealing their property in their sweeps.

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