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    Once ,many years ago, helicopters hovered in amazement over

    giant perennial strains of landrace plants at almost 40 feet in height.

    The stalk at the base was that of a tree

    At equatorial latitudes those plants just keep

    getting bigger and better.

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    I hear that the potency is next to amazing, as well. Should do well in Hawaii.
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    Kao, that weed is called Thai styx, as you well know

    Some of the strains were found in Former French territory.

    There may have been some rogue colonels way upstream that decided

    to go native.

    It's odd that most all the papers for cigarettes are produced from hemp grown in France.

    The farmers in Kentucky and elsewhere have families to support and if they could grow hemp it would help them.

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    The last load that came up was stalled by bad weather

    A chopper was sent up from a local TV station.

    An 18 wheeler full of styx had overturned near the beach.

    The footage has never been seen.


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