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    His work was parodied by many, my favorite being this one from Peter Cook & Dudley Moore:

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    Fireball XL5 - Steve Zodiac, Venus... Matt Matic...

    Captain Scarlett & the Mysterons....


    Space 1999

    Some of my favorite Sci-Fi shows from my youth.

    RIP Gerry Anderson.

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    Had a hard time getting season one on the air.

    The next season had a different focus.

    Freiberg came over from star trk production staff and things evolved

    from there.

    We are talking Space 1999 here.

    Martin Landau and friends inhabit a lot of classic visions (aka video) .

    A lot of the know how from the Kubrick projects migrated naturally

    to the new promised land.

    The Outer Limits led to the production of 2001.
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