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Thread: Snow on Hualalai

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    I am still researching the history of the uncommon snowfalls on Kona.
    The ancient chants and legends affirm such events.

    The people who fly helicopters on the Big Island on a daily basis
    are best equipped to capture on video this sort of event.

    Even some frost would be interesting.

    Footage of snow on top of Hualalai is worth more than its weight in Gold.

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    Maybe I mentioned this already, but had a conversation with a guy who'd lived in Hilo for many years, he said he'd seen snow blowing around in Hilo. Not often, not much, but he said sometimes it gets blown off the big mountains then into town. Wow! I have seen my breath on cool mornings in Hilo, but never snow. In San Diego I think there was a snowfall in 1769 or so. I have seen it blowing around once or twice but it never sticks. It does however snow every winter, sometimes a lot, in the local mountains. And LA looks really nice on clear days in the winter when the surrounding peaks are capped in snow.

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    Breugels painted the very cold winters in the Netherlands.

    In history there are two cold snaps that are well documented.
    The Viking occupants of Greenland were displaced by a seasonal shift
    of weather to the cold side.
    Later on was the cold period from the 16s to the 17s.

    The occasional anomalous weather event in ancient Hawaii is almost
    certainly contained within the chants of the Kumu.
    The cooling of the world climate may well have shifted snow levels somewhat lower on the Big Island.

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