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    Smile Easy Recipes

    and maybe starting with this category, Kaukau Korner. Have you not noticed the paucity of topics these days? Why is there no interesting or conversation worthy things here? So I think maybe we ought to think of new topics and start new threads.

    A couple of years ago, I suggested a couple things, but they never took hold. I'll mention them again, but only for the sake of maybe getting everyone's thought processes rolling....

    I thought about posting and exchanging "good" and "unique" recipes. Or maybe posting "What's For Lunch or Dinner" information assuming the item or recipe is somewhat interesting -- we don't need postings like "Mountain Dew and a Cheeseburger". Or "Bottled Water and Zippy's Chili".

    And I also suggested exchanging wine information about wines we have recently bought and tried. But perhaps there are not many wine afficionados on the site, because the only posts to that thread were not what I had in mind. Also, I think I was posting about some wines that might have been out of the budget ranges of some people -- $50 - $150. But if that was a mistake of mine, I have some good and interesting information on wines in the $8 - $20 range too. But this thread will only work if there are enough wine lovers/drinkers out there.

    I also know that Yelp is around -- I read the postings there a lot too. But I think it would be helpful to post information on restaurants or businesses that are good or bad on this site too. It might be helpful to others?

    What do you folks think?
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    Default Re: We need to rejuvenate this website

    I'll respond, just to show that somebody read your post.

    Yes, I think that $50 to $150 wines are a bit too ephemeral for most people here, including me. I recommend Pol Remy Brut Champagne (yes champagne from France) for US$6 per bottle. No it may not have the cachet of DP champagne, but to me, it tastes better than DP.

    I think you used to live in the Phoenix area. Are you still there? Maybe I'm getting you confused with someone else.
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    Default Re: We need to rejuvenate this website

    Sorry for the late response --- I was on vacation to Honolulu/LA/Vegas for two weeks. Then I was busy finishing up my multiple tax returns that I have to file.

    I still live in the Phoenix area, and you are probably correct -- not enough wine afficionados on this site. Apparently there are not many people interested in cooking, especially cooking entrees and meals other than fast food stuff.

    So I tried -- but no takers here, I guess.

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    Smile Re: We need to rejuvenate this website

    ok, i have recently in the past few months fallen in love eating edamame. But it was getting too expensive at Foodland (and Times is way less at about $4.29 lb...but even they starting going up in price).

    Told the guy behind the counter why Foodland's take on garlic edamame was expensive (@$5.99/lb)...and he said I could make my own for a lesser price...that got me thinking...

    the past few weeks I have been buying the 16 oz/14 oz frozen edamame and looking on youtube for various recipes. A couple of weeks ago, i came across the Foodland's video on their take of doing edamame, which they made it spicy...which I like.

    So I did it today, but instead of the red chili flakes, I used garlic chili sauce, a little more than a teaspoon, about 1 1/2 teaspoon with garlic, shoyu, sesame seed oil and that alae sea salt. Loved it...! really spicy, but guess you can tone down by not putting as much garlic chili sauce.

    BTW, love their video of his assistant doing the edamame in the frying pan, makes you want to laugh at a newbie as she is so excited at how she does the edamame.

    Don't think I will go back to buying pre-made, when I can do it cheaply myself!

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    Default Re: We need to rejuvenate this website

    HawaiiGuy: Yeah, figuring out how to make something you like more inexpensively is a very good thing to do. Sometimes you can not only save money, but make it faster and easier too. For instance, my daughter loves the spicy garlic/jalapeno fried shrimps from the Chinese restaurant. So in experimenting, I came up with another variation (somewhat different) but very good too and less expensive. I buy large (U14-16) shrimps that have already been deveined, but with the shell still on. I take my wok and put in some oil, lots of garlic, a little chopped ginger, and stir fry the shrimps and then I add chili garlic oil/sauce to taste. If you like it spicy, you just add more of the chili garlic oil/sauce. It comes out pretty ono!!

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    Default Re: We need to rejuvenate this website

    To hawaiiguy, re edamame... Thanks for the hints. I think I'll try your recipe. The last time I bought frozen edamame, it was tasteless (is it from China? I forgot to check the package). The frozen kind really needs pumping up with seasonings.

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    Default Re: Easy Recipes

    We love edamame, a weekly staple. We buy the large bags from Costco, which contain a dozen smaller steam-in-the-bag bags that you just nuke for three minutes. We add salt and sweet chili sauce (also from Costco) and enjoy!

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