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    Default New person moving to Hawaii - Adrianna

    My Internet friend, Adrianna, is moving to Hawaii - she says this week.

    I advised her to sign up and login here to get to know people. She will need help finding a place to stay, a job and finding friends.

    I don't know much beyond that we've been chatting online for a few years off and on. If she signs in, any help getting her settled would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: New person moving to Hawaii - Adrianna

    How did it work out?

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    Default Re: New person moving to Hawaii - Adrianna

    Quote Originally Posted by alohafinch View Post
    How did it work out?

    Good question.

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    Default Re: New person moving to Hawaii - Adrianna

    How did it work out? Possibilities include:

    1) She never made the move.
    2) She arrived, but could not find a cheap enough place to live, could not find adequate paying employment, and felt home-sick, so she went back to the mainland within 6 months.
    3) She are happily living in Hawaii after these 3 years, and working for the State.
    4) Kaonohi at first allowed her to live in a tent in his backyard "for a few months", but she's still there (oh, wait ... didn't he have a carpenter friend or the such already do that.....).
    5) She is still making her plans to move here, saving up, thinking that if she can just get together the $3,000 in savings it will hold her over.
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