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Thread: Standalone Hard drive duplicator

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    Default Standalone Hard drive duplicator

    I recently got an Aluratek drive duplicator.

    With some trepidation I placed a source disk in slot a and a blank

    hard drive in slot 2.

    The target drive is an exact clone including master boot record.

    The unit works with sata drives both desktop and laptop.

    The device clones drives without using a computer.

    After cloning a few drives I tested them using Handbrake to transcode
    a few iso files to mp4 s.

    I am still testing.

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    Default Re: Standalone Hard drive duplicator

    The cloned drives seem to be working well.

    I got the gadget at frys for 80 dollars.

    It will make a bootable drive if the blank drive is as big as or larger than the source drive.

    If the target (blank) drive is larger, the partition will read as large as the source .

    The extra space will show up as un allocated.

    I turned that into an extra partion and formatted to ntsf .

    For cross platform readability.


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