While I sort of remember and watched the TV series Combat! when it originally aired on the ABC TV network back in the day I don't have any good specific memories of the series compared to say the Original Star Trek series when it aired on NBC. On the other hand Star Trek only lasted 3 seasons as opposed to the 5 seasons of Combat!, plus Star Trek started a few years later and was heavily aired in syndication after its cancellation were as Combat! may have done a syndication run in the 1970's on the local stations here in Hawaii.

When Combat! did a run on the MeTV channel in the early-2010 decade a told a friend about it and his reaction was Is that the series with Caje, Littlejohn and Kirby?

Since February 2020 Combat! has been airing on Saturday nights on the H&I channel. If I read the list of episodes, they just aired the last episode of Season 1 today (Saturday 9/12/20), so next week it will be the start of Season 2 of Combat!.