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    Thumbs up Down Beat Diner

    Not sure if this has been posted or not..

    So I thought I would share!!. I highly recommend it. - Menu - Location


    p.s. Got questions?? call them at 808-533-2328 (OR)

    They also do take outs
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    Default Re: Down Beat Diner

    I've always wanted to try the Guinness shake there. Would recommend "The Pile" (home fries, cheese, two eggs over-easy. ask for it with gravy!) and the Volcano Fries (fries with garlic, cajun seasoning, cheese, and gravy).
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    Sounds friendlier that the Beat Down Diner!

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    Cool Re: Down Beat Diner

    We've been there a few times and enjoy it, too. I think I had a burger the first time and it was really good...a great omelet the second time. I have to eat gluten free, and they are really good about knowing what that means. They have vegetarian dishes, too. My husband loves their BLAT. (BLT with avocado)

    Usually I don't eat burgers in most places because without the bun, it's pretty boring. It's usually a big thick piece of burger, kind of dry and tasteless. McDonald's is one of the few I like because the burger is pretty thin and juicy even without the bun. But the ones at Downbeat are also really good without the bun.

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