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Thread: Registering a second forum account

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    Default Registering a second forum account

    For reasons I won't go in to here, but it is a result of a multi-person-family-used-computer, I need to register for a forum that prohibits multiple accounts. The website is recognizing my computer as already having an account and won't allow a new account (it says that the "email account" used is incorrect when trying to set up a new account). I've got RR, so changing my IP is not possible.

    This is what I've tried (together, in steps):
    Using a different browser.
    Deleting cookies and history.
    Using a proxy to access the website.

    Still, I am blocked from registering a new account. Any suggestions? If you'd rather not put it online, PM would work for me too. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Registering a second forum account

    One suggestion is to use a portable device and login to a wifi or other network that is not associated with your RR account / IP and register from there.

    Don't know if this will allow you to use the forum once you get back to your RR service on your main device / computer.
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    Thanks Mel, the website seems to recognize any computer that I use that is going through my home setup (RR + wifi for laptops). So I'm still hoping for additional techie hints. Maybe I have to ask a teenager.
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    I found this info on a public forum, I wonder if it is accurate info or not?

    If the reason that you think that you need a new IP address is that you've been "banned" from a site and can't even log in with a different account, the odds are very slim that your IP was actually banned. IP bans don't work very well as many machines may be behind a single public IP address and banning by IP address can ban many innocent users as well. More typically the site plants a persistent cookie on your machine that identifies your machine as "banned" so no amount of IP address changes will get you back on the site. Good luck in finding such a cookie as it could be buried anywhere on your machine. Short of repartitioning your hard drive and reinstalling your OS and all apps, you're stuck with it.
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