Watching the 1960-70's series Mission: Impossible on MeTV and I was wondering about the following things:

  1. For an organization that want its agents to work in secert and having self destructing audio tapes, they have the Jim Phelps character go to a public place to get the orders and also don't bother with having the photos of the subject destroyed
  2. Also kind of wondering how the Jim Phelps character knows where to go to pick up the orders?
  3. I wonder if some bystander had accidently got the orders for Jim Phelps?
  4. I guess there is a government type of warehouse some where that has a collection of small reel to reel tape players and self desctructing audio tapes

Oh yeah I do know that for the 1st season of Mission: Impossible it was Dan Briggs and not Jim Phelps who picked up the orders.