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Thread: OW! Chow

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    Unhappy Ciao time

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    I was happy keeping Coach Mac, but the whole island always clamored for Chow and it still isn't panning out despite wholesale improvements. The school won't pay going prices for a better coach so we can compete with the bigs and the way things look it's never going to get appreciably better, probably best to lose all UH sports, if that's even economically feasible.
    I know you were happy with keeping Mac, even with his unprofessional “faggot dance” comments, that should have gotten him at least a one-game suspension (at least they docked his pay). But as you correctly surmise, Hawai‘i simply cannot afford to pay a coach $1.1 million per season. Not unless that coach promises another BCS bid. I would think you would want to keep the entire football coaching staff salary budget under $1 million! Nā Koa boosters have pulled the plug for now, so any more money then we’re paying Chow would have to be because we’re getting someone with a better track record.

    Quote Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
    Good win for UH against Wyoming for now. Too bad they have to forfeit the game cuz sum panty guy used a laser pointer at Wyoming players.
    Normally, that would be good for a laugh, but that was before Joey Iosefa got arrested for DUI. I thought even with Taylor Graham getting hurt, Hawai‘i still might be able to use this win as momentum. But they now have both Iosefa AND Lakalaka out, and it looks like it doesn’t matter that Iosefa might be healed enough to play.

    That’s a huge chunk of the Hawai‘i offense, and we all know that offense is the main problem for UH. Now they go on to San Diego State where the #1 road losing streak in the nation is likely to continue as the Rainbow Warriors are 10½-point underdogs. UH will not have the element of surprise, since with Graham out, there is no QB controversy.

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    Does anybody still do the faggot dance?

    Go BOWS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuNnL View Post
    This surprises me because the drinking game is for three and outs. The Wyoming game had the least three and outs.

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    Can't win on the road.

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    Oh no, can't win at home.

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    If you're gonna lose, at least cover the spread. That's what getting fans mo' mad.

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    Something I found troubling recently re an SA op-ed observance at a UH game where an irate Coach Chow viciously tore into a Def. coach with fangs out, showing a real breakdown in decorum and restraint. This kind of breach may be understandable due to resent significant pressures, family and sports related, but it's highly concerning and maybe it's best this is the year he be replaced. Sad.

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    Who said you are what your record is?

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    Call Larry Price to be a co-head coach.

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    They are still in the running for the playoffs.

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    No, now they're playing for the runoffs.

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    Do you believe in miracles? Yesss...

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    That game didn't mean pro or con for either coach last Sat., other than it showed again that this Chow team plays to the last second and gave us the chance to pull one out of the hat. This hasn't happened for over 10 years, all the Jones and Mac teams gave up when the going got tuff, not now, this alone say's Chow should get another 2 years to pull it out.

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    Playoffs? They still have a slim chance of making the playoffs.

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    Norm Chow should've been told to "Stop It" earlier during his stint as head coach for UH.

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