I've never been a big fan of fish. I love eating it fresh at restaurants with a great sauce. The only fish I've ever made is catfish or tilapia when we lived in the south. I would pound it flat, bread it in a packaged seasoning mix and then pan-fry it. I think I made it blackened once, and also once with seasoned butter. I'm always worried about fish bones and I never know what to buy.

I should mention that I can't have gluten, so when I made it breaded with the mix, my husband ate it, not me. I can make it breaded at home if I use rice flour. It won't work so well for deep frying or anything like that.

I don't really know much about the fish here. I know I don't like mahi mahi or octopus. I've never liked shrimp, although my husband does. I've also had Ono and butterfish in restaurants. I've had seared ahi but I like my fish cooked, not raw. He's a sushi eater but not me. I did have a sashami appetizer once at this special dinner we were invited to, that was really good. It had parmesan on it and was delicious. I had sashimi crab once and it was ok. I don't even like the sushi rolls because I'm not a big fan of rice or seaweed, and I'm allergic to avocado.

I see that the the supermarket has a great fish selection. What should I get and how do I make it so it's healthy and delicious? Any recipes or suggestions?