I'm a really good female singer who likes to do rock and pop oldies and some recent stuff... I'd like to join or put together a band. Any suggestions? I'm new here...we just moved here in August.

I was a music major in college and I've done tons of karaoke for a long time. I've also taken lots of voice lessons. I've sung with a band a few times, just temporarily. I tried to put bands together in other places we lived, but it was hard to find reliable people who wanted to practice, and show up for rehearsals. (I also sing here in the HPU Chorale)

I don't really care if I just sing with one guitar player or one piano player, or a whole band. I just love to sing. I would be happy to sing backup as well. I don't play any instruments, although I could probably handle something simple like a tambourine. I tried learning piano but my fingers are pretty short. So that's why I need someone who plays, to play with me!

I know karaoke is very big here, and I do love it, but I'm better than the average karaoke singer and love singing with real instruments because it's a huge thrill. I think we could make some money at it, too.

Please let me know if you know where I can find a band or other players or if you'd be interested in starting one with me.

I know hundreds of songs, but mostly women's songs like Janis Joplin, Blondie, Linda Ronstadt, Heart, Pat Benatar as well as lots of pop stuff and some country. I know lots of Beatles, too, but I can't sing their stuff so low. I had one band very briefly and the lead guitar guy couldn't understand this, and he wasn't good at transposing songs, so we had some problems

You can hear me sing at http://suzann.com/music/songs.shtml
and some more recent ones are at http://karaokescene.com/ss/profile.php?id=3472 and http://www.thisiskaraoke.com/user/Suzanne