What are you having at your house for Christmas dinner? The menu for Christmas dinner faka'afe at matapule fale was firmed up today. Oiaue!

Daughter #1: steamed Brussels Sprouts and almonds with vinaigrette dressing, fresh baked green beans in cream sauce

Daughter #2: homemade peppermint bark, lemon bars (made with lemons from her tree), Grandma W steamed persimmon pudding with real whipped cream garnish.

Uaifi: Matapule's mama scalloped potatoes recipe, fresh strawberry/cranberry sour cream jello salad, green pea salad, broiled ham steaks with basil mustard garnish, homemade almond caramels

Matapule: Grilled tri-tip with spicy corn salsa, all the pre-dinner appetizers......... pickled beet juice deviled eggs, candied sweet/hot cinnamon pecans, hot mulled Christmas wine.

SIL: Pumpkin pie....from Costco

Red and White wine with dinner (varieties TBD)

In the mouth, over the gums, watch out tummy, here it comes!