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    A query: Do any other Oceanic Cable users switch channels to MSNBC or the program guide or ESPNU or other channels and get an on-screen notice like this?

    "MSNBC is unavailable right now. Please try again later."

    We got this a lot a while back and complained; Oceanic changed our cable boxes. But it's recurring now. When I call Oceanic the call center op invariably says "No one else has complained about that error."

    It's really annoying. Do I have fellow sufferers here?

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    I've not got that going, but on occasion certain channels don't work such as the that channel were you can see a group of news channels all at once. If I call Oceanic, they somehow do their magic and those channels start working again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkmeister View Post
    It's really annoying. Do I have fellow sufferers here?
    Different problem. I got bad cable reception for KHNL. But, that station was clear at other locations.


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