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    Any blackberry users on here? I just got a blackberry curve, candy apple red, from Radio Shack (Sprint) and I LOVE IT!

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    Exclamation Re: Blackberry

    In the world of smartphones, it's basically the immensely popular, business-savvy Blackberry (dubbed "Crackberry" years ago for being so addictive) and the sleek, multimedia and web savvy iPhone. In my circle of friends, it's one or the other... and sometimes both. I was considering a Blackberry for my daughter's first phone!

    The only Blackberry models I'm not a fan of are the ones without full QWERTY keyboards. Because it's the full QWERTY keyboards that are the primariy advantage they have over the iPhone.

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    I have a curve, and love it as well...tried out the storm for a few weeks and just didn't like it.

    Great tool, but it also makes one hell of an electronic leash too(both good and bad).

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    i really really really miss my pearl. it's been three months since i switched to an iphone bcs the hpu online classses function on iphone but not bb. i still hate the touchscreen, lack of cut and paste (to be solved in june) and that it seems you can't easily place a number you've just called into your contacts. (if i'm mistaken about the contacts thing, let me know.)

    besides the hpu webct thing, iphone is better for browsing the net and futzing around. bb is better for getting actual work done. that opinion's based on my experience, of course. yours might be different.

    eric still is using his three year old HTC trinity. neither the iphone or bb are compelling enough yet for him to switch. he's able to cut and paste, send picture text messages, create word and excel docs on his phone. another thing that works on his trinity that doesn't on iphone is adobe flash. basically, if he hooks up to the bluetooth mini keyboard we share, he essentially has a pocket sized netbook.

    i gave my mom my pearl. hope she learns to use it and will switch from her razr.
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    I upgraded my personal T-mobile phone to a Pearl Flip a couple of months ago.

    Never been a texter because it was too humbug I had the old school 3-4 letters to the key. I always wondered how people could write paragraphs in a minute with one hand. Now I know, lol.

    Still trying to figure out how to use the WiFi though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynsaligia View Post
    it seems you can't easily place a number you've just called into your contacts. (if i'm mistaken about the contacts thing, let me know.).
    very simple. just click the little blue arrow to the right of the number in the call list. you get a menu that let's you.... Text, Create new contact, Add to existing contact, Share contact

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