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    This is really not related to Hawai'i, but matapule is hurting and needs to share. My cousin, Linda, was killed in an automobile accident last Thursday in Central California. She was a kind, gentle soul who left no footprints on this planet. Her husband was driving and they were waiting at a stoplight left turn lane for the left arrow. A car driving in the through lane next to them suddenly swerved into the left turn lane and hit them from the right rear. This impact pushed them to the left into oncoming traffic and she took the brunt of the impact. She was killed instantly. Her husband has major injuries but is not in critical condition.

    Uaifi is taking this particularly hard because she was close to her. The two had gone backpacking in the Sierras a couple of years ago and really bonded.

    Life is precious, cherish each and every moment.
    Peace, Love, and Local Grindz

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    It is indeed, matapule, it is indeed. My sorrow for your loss.

    Within the past month, I've seen the unexpected and immediate passing of two area musicians with whom I often played Hawaiian music. Memento mori, indeed.

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    So sorry for your loss, Matapule.

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    Tragic news, nothing really helps the hurt but maybe time, and time takes forever.


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