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Thread: Nu Wave PIC, as seen on TV

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    Thumbs down Nu Wave PIC, as seen on TV

    I noticed the ad in the header in this site. Let me tell you my experience:

    I responded to a TV or Internet ad, I forget which, maybe both.

    I thought my wife would like it, so I ordered one.

    Item Cost Shipping Total
    NuWave PIC2 1 $99.99 $29.95 $129.94
    Cooking Package FREE $29.95 $29.95
    Hawaii Surcharge FREE $30.00 $30.00
    NuCookbook 1 FREE FREE $0.00
    Cooking Guide 1 FREE FREE $0.00
    DVD 1 FREE FREE $0.00
    1-Year Warranty 1 FREE FREE $0.00
    VIP Membership 1 FREE FREE $0.00
    Subtotal of Items $99.99
    Shipping & Processing $89.90
    Taxes $0.00
    Total $189.89

    $89.90 for shipping! My wife read online reviews saying it was a piece of garbage, she didn't want to even open it - I emailed and called their phone requesting return instructions.

    The company does NOT respond to emails, and their phone has been shut off, so I can't even call them.

    If I had ordered a second unit "FREE, only pay shipping," I'd have had to pay another $89.90.

    Sometimes I'm such a sucker. It sits unused in our garage, till I can sell it or 'gift' it.

    If anyone wants it, they can have it for $100.00 -
    Even if I returned it I'd still be stuck with the shipping and surcharge, plus have to pay shipping back.
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    Default Re: Nu Wave PIC, as seen on TV

    I have a similar product that I've used for about a year, a Max Burton, and mine works pretty well. Out of curiosity, I looked yours up on Amazon to see what users said about it -- it's here: Nuwave PIC2. There were complaints, especially about shipping and customer service, but the reviews were mostly positive.

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    Wink Re: Nu Wave PIC, as seen on TV

    Interesting. Lovely ad targeting, I'm seeing the ad up top, too. Agreed, the product looks good for $99, and has reasonable reviews for a kitchen gadget... all the negative reviews relate to shenanigans by the manufacturer, including upselling and unreasonable shipping charges.

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    Default Re: Nu Wave PIC, as seen on TV

    Well, it's gone. A friend found the "half price" offer appealing enough.
    I'll report back with her impressions of the product, to be fair.


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