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Thread: Hawaii Governor's Race 2014

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    Governor Race (From Final Printout 3:15am 8-10-14)


    IGE, David Yutaka 155,184 66.1%
    ABERCROMBIE, Neil 72,298 30.8%


    AIONA, Duke 41,358 94.8%


    HANNEMANN, Mufi 2,069 8.7%


    DAVIS, Jeff 578 82.7%

    Hawaii State 2014 Primary Election Results Page
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    Political sign outside a hostess bar, good or bad? I vote good because that person is a deal maker and takes out the hypocrisy possibility.

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    Outside observer says it's looking good for Ige in November.
    While unpopular Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) might have been in serious trouble in the general election, state Sen. David Ige (D) crushed the incumbent in a record-setting primary win. What is Ige’s most important attribute in his matchup with former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona (R)? His party label, in a very Democratic state. Although former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, an ex-Democrat running as an independent, complicates the race to some degree, Hannemann’s candidacy loses some of its raison d’ętre with Abercrombie out of the picture. With the relatively undefined Ige as the Democratic nominee, the state seems more likely to stick to its partisan guns, making Aiona at least a slight underdog at this point in the campaign. In light of this, we’re shifting this contest from Toss-up to Leans Democratic. Still, this won’t be a cakewalk for Democrats, and the flush-with-cash Republican Governors Association could intervene here in a big way, forcing the Democratic Governors Association to counter.

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    People tend to forget Aiona's God before all else ideologies, and his wont to ban booze everywhere. He's way to prudish for Hawaii.

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    And more about Aiona;
    A campaign commercial was pulled recently after the TRUTH was determined and now we know Duke's camp lied to Circuit Judge Kubo when their film crew told him the proper permits were granted when in fact they were not. That Aiona would venture into a court of law to film for their political benefit despite common knowledge that courtrooms are apolitical and then lie big time about it and then lie again to the SA's Kokua Line investigator say's plenty about the republican contender, none of it good.

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    KITV had a debate of 3 candidates last nite and did the community a great disservice by excluding Jeff Davis (Lib.), they all gave politician's answers for the most part and Davis doesn't do that, he usually has a deeper take on the issues. This should not be allowed and Davis has been complaining about it all along. Shame on KITV.
    Aiona came off looking unprepared for questions everybody knew were coming, in fact the 3 saw the questions before the debate. He squandered his chance to make a good impression beyond appearances and instead looked foolish.

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    Everything you wanted to know about the 2014 Hawaii's Governor Race is in this thread.

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