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Thread: Boot ASUS EEE PC from External Drive?

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    Default Boot ASUS EEE PC from External Drive?

    Ok, this is what's up.

    A friend of mine gave me his tiny Asus EEE PC laptop. The hard drive won't boot at all. The computer turns on and I get this message:

    A disk read error occured
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

    Nothing else... only that on the black screen. No windows, nothing, nada. Gotta be HD is dead.

    So this is what I have.

    Puppy Linux bootable CD-ROM, external USB CD Drive.

    Hooked that up, put in CD and hoped the dumb PC would see that.

    No luck.

    Is there a quick fix for this so that at least the PC can boot from the CD ROM and according to Puppy Linux site I can make a USB flash drive start up volume using the other USB port.

    Ideally I would need to take out the HD and put in a new one. I already looked at a video that shows me how to do this, though I may just want to find someone else to do that for me. The computer is nice and small and good if it works to just do simple tasks like word processing and web browsing.

    I also don't want to install Windows on the thing either.

    I'm a Mac guy and this is one of the few PCs I've gotten over time that gave me a problem. As a Mac guy I would think they would have come up with a simple way to boot from another drive (like hold C down on the Mac) other than fooling around with BIOS files that in this case don't even show up since the HD is dead.
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