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Thread: Surfer Jill Hansen indicted

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    Post Surfer Jill Hansen indicted

    Surfer indicted on attempted murder, car theft charges

    Local surfer indicted for attempted murder, says she was framed

    Hawaiian surf model who 'ran down 73-year-old woman with her car' tried to escape from jail hours after her arrest

    The woman and story makes for an easy punch line. But knowing people who know her (and remembering periodic storms of drama in years past over other cries for help), it's clear that this woman is suffering from mental illness. It's hard for me to find it all as funny as others do, and I'm hoping as the underlying issues come to light the media will milk the story a little less for its "WTF factor."

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    I never heard of her before this most recent incident and I never found anything about this case funny. I did think that there must be mental illness or drugs involved for her to do something like that. I hope that Hansen gets help but mostly that she is prevented from ever hurting anyone else again.

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    Next stop, a new reality series star is born.

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    Any relation to Hansen's Hmmm Bop?


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