Saw the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past at the Ward Theater today.

This movie's plotline was based on one of the X-Men comic issues from the 1980's. Things have changed from the movie version, mostly in the placement of the characters, past timeline and some other minor things.

In a nutshell, In the future Earth has this robot army called The Sentinels which hunt and kill mutants as well as other humans. One of the X-Men has the ability to send someone's consciousness back a few days so that the X-Men can avoid the Sentinels coming towards them. There was a suggestion to send someone even further back to stop the creation of The Sentinels. To go way back, in the case the year 1973 would be very traumatic for anyone being sent. However it seems that Wolverine could survive the time-travel experience. So not only does Wolverine have to content with lava lamps and water beds, he also has to convince Professor X and Magento to join forces to prevent the creation of The Sentinels.

It does help to have a familiar with the X-Men lore or with the superhero genre.

I was kind of confused at the ending of the movie, as well as the post credits scene at the very end of the credits.